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Take a trip to Lilliput, rub elbows with some of the oldest buildings in Union County and shoulder the oldest building. The cavernous building on the edge of Lenape Park, home to the Union County Model Railroad Club, harbors a colorful world within its walls. Bought in the 1920s by the Union County Parks Commission, there are still ten 19th-century buildings, including the newly restored Masker Barn. Other attractions and shops are open to the public, but members and guests are limited to a limited number of hours per day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The fees for state parks are the same as in many other states, except on weekdays. The last time I was at the Spruce Run, we were on the first day of the New Jersey State Park and Recreation Commission's annual summer camp.

We could combine a visit to a world-famous museum with exploring the Columbia Trail, and we enjoyed watching the annual summer camp of the New Jersey State Park and Recreation Commission. We have also included some comments on the Spruce Run Facebook page, as well as some photos from the park's website.

To view the "Do 52 great things in Union County" link online, go to the Green Connection page and visit ucnj.org or visit the UCPNJ website to view it online. To receive a free self-guided tour of New Jersey State Park and the Spruce Trail of the Recreation Commission, email us at info @ nj - state - park.com.

To learn more about participating in the Garden Fair, call the Union County Extension at 908-527-4032. To join or run a club, visit the Sheriff's Youth Academy at ucnj.org or call the County Sheriff's Office at (906) 907-488-8477 or the County Sheriff's Office, Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security at (1 - 800-222-7477). For more information about joining the Master Gardeners or the Garden Fair and joining associations, visit unioncounty.gov / garden - fair.

To obtain a state fishing license that is not required for children under 15, visit ucnj.org or call 908-527-4900 or visit the Sheriff's Office of Union County, Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security at (1-800-222-7477). To learn more about participating in the Garden Fair and joining associations, call unioncounty.gov / garden - fair. To join a club or association in Union New Jersey at a local high school or college, or to learn more about membership in any of the district's youth clubs and programs, please visit UcnJ. org or call 909-907-488-3200. To become a member and / or visit a county youth club, association, or program on UNCNJS.com.

To visit UcnJ.org or call 908-527-4900 or visit the Union County Sheriff's Office, Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security at (1) 800-222-7477. To go to the water, please visit ucnj.com / boat _ permit to obtain the required Union County boat permit, or click here to visit and call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. To visit this website or call us, you can visit our website, call our toll-free hotline 909 - 907 - 488 - 3200 and click here.

You can download a PDF version of the Union NJ map so you can easily access it when travelling over the Internet.

For the latest visitor information, including hours, days off and so on, please visit the website here or call us at any time at 732 - 549 - 3299. Visit the Academics at ucc - edu and read here for our experiences or click here to read more about our journey. We have all the information we could wish for for your visit, but for the most up-to-date information about Union NJ please visit us here or our website here.

It sounds like a great historic place, but it's in Union, New Jersey, which is part of Kittatinny Valley State Park. The address of the museum is probably 732 - 549 - 3299, the phone number is 856 - 455 - 8141 and we believe it is located at the corner of Main Street and Union Avenue, Union NJ.

Union County also has not one but two parks that have a time - a summer tradition that is respected: Echo Park and Skate Park. The public skate park is located on the corner of Main Street and Union Avenue in Union, New Jersey, just south of Union City, New Jersey.

Close to Springfield, you will find Echo Lake Park and Dog Park, both within the Springfield city limits. Just follow Park Drive, search for the sign on the map and follow it to the park, south of Route 22 in the center of town. Dog Park is just a short walk from Echo Lake Park, which stretches from Mountainside in Springfield to Route22 in Springfield.

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