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Despite the perceived need for unity, Governor Phil Murphy said again today that he has no plans to close the restaurant in New Jersey, which began with a 25 percent capacity in early September. The reaction to Covid's response is becoming increasingly clear to me that it has let New York, New England and the rest of the US down, and Governor Murphy's response to Covid has let us all down, in and out of New Jersey. At Union, we are proud to announce that we have worked with New New York and signed a new law that will protect the safety and jobs of hotel workers in the era of COVID-19.

In addition to the protections of the original agreement, HTC's new security agreement requires hotels to ensure that all guests wear masks and enforce social isolation. The Union has focused on bucking this trend and negotiating security protocols for our membership. We have come to the negotiating table to negotiate protection and security agreements for all our members.

These crucial measures also ensure that hotels are unable to exploit the coronavirus crisis to eliminate reception positions in order to put profit before health. The plan currently on the table is not without opponents, including prominent local architects, who say that the Union Hotel can and should be saved. Some hotels are trying to take advantage of the current crisis by cutting jobs and expanding their business in other areas of New Jersey, such as the Hudson Valley.

Paramount Union LLC needs the approval of the Union Township Planning Board to advance its plans for a new hotel in Union, New Jersey.

This is the best way to find out what unions are doing and what conditions in the industry affect the workers we represent. Unlike many other non-profit organizations, local unions are owned and controlled by the people they serve. The trade unions make working people more sensitive to their rights and place collective power in their hands. They also attack the symptoms and causes of injustice. As a result of these efforts, we are proud to enact laws in New Jersey to protect the rights of hotel and other industry workers.

Hotels must adhere to improved safety protocols, and union members can enforce agreements without fear. The law requires hotels to maintain a minimum wage of $15 an hour, minimum hours for all hotel employees, and minimum standards of employee health and safety.

In 2010, the union expanded its jurisdiction to New York City, becoming the largest hotel union in the United States with more than 1,000 members. Unions are doing a great job challenging the power of the rich in America. The Union Hotel is perhaps the only surviving small-town hotel in New Jersey with a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Currently, the site, which is also between Garden State Parkway and Morris Avenue, is an empty lot that once housed an Exxon gas station.

Union Station is just a few blocks north of Newark Penn Station and Keana Park and is home to the NJ Transit's Raritan Valley line, which runs from Newark to Penn Station northeast. The Northeast Corridor runs to Newark in the Northeast and is the only New Jersey station with a minimum wage of $15.

The North Jersey Coast Line runs from Newark Union Station to Newark Penn Station and Keana Park in the Northeast and the Jersey City Line to Camden and Camden County in New Jersey in South Jersey.

Trains between the two locations connect Newark Penn Station and take about 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the time of day. Guests must arrange their own transportation to Kean University campus. NJ Transit 113 stops at Newark Union Station, Keana Park and the Jersey City Line in South Jersey. Click here to view and print a map of Keans University on campus to help you get there.

When Insider NJ learns of information published in connection with the outbreak, readers will find it, including statements and announcements from official sources, be they elected officials, health officials or local officials. These updates and trackers will serve as part of the evolving narrative of Super Storm Sandy and the New Jersey that faced the storm.

The previous article is part of Insider NJ's New Jersey Keeps up on Super Storm Sandy, which is available on the Internet at www. InsiderNJ.com and newsstands across the state. The Union Hotel is considered one of the oldest hotels in the United States and the first hotel in Flemington when it opened in 1877. When agriculture lost importance after World War II, it calmed down, but it was still a popular destination for tourists and businessmen from all over the country and even from all over the world. Indeed, many years after its opening, the Union Hotel was so popular that it bore the name of a city that few of us in the world knew: City of New York.

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