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The Plainfield Symphony Orchestra has the distinction of being one of the largest youth orchestras in the state of New Jersey and the second largest in North America. We are proud to offer talented young musicians an education, training and experience in the orchestra and related music education that allows them to reach their full potential.

We are dedicated to students who are entering the world of music for the first time and we are here to help you do your best. Group lessons are ideal for family and friends who want to learn an instrument like the guitar. Classes include a wide range of instruments, from piano, violin, cello, viola, guitar, drums, piano and more. You are welcome, whether you have experience in music in the orchestra, school orchestra or any of the other music education programs in Plainfield.

We have an incredible team of instructors who teach a wide range of instruments, including guitar, piano, drums, ukulele and more, for children and adults. Most of our teachers started their music lessons in high school, some of them later earned a degree in music. We have grown rapidly over the last 65 years and are now one of the leading providers of music brokerage services in New Jersey with over 150 locations nationwide. Our brand - instruments and music accessories for sale - provides a convenient point of contact for customers and we have never lost our commitment to our students, teachers, student families and our community.

Although our music has been strong for years, we were given the opportunity to do something we had never done before, which was to give a live concert in Union Gap, Washington. It's true that the band wore Civil War uniforms, but our new name didn't come from the Civil War uniforms we wore on our 2016 tour. After reaching an elite level of success, we began appearing on television, including the Ed Sullivan Show, which appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and even the New York Times. The city I grew up in, Union, N.J., and the city of Union Township, New Jersey, home to our band.

It was up to the group to eventually become known as Union Gap, once we finally had the idea of what a "Union Gap Dress" would be and what our name would be. The name was only a working title, but it was soon to be the name of our band Union New Jersey Music.

Senior quarterback Andrew Sanborn led an efficient offensive that gave Union its first championship since 1993. The Vikings made it to the 1997 national final, but squandered a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter and lost 61-50 to Union at Boardwalk Hall. The Union City icon's business fell to a low point, leading to the closure of the former school building and its subsequent demolition. It became Burnet Junior High and for a few years until the end of their final season in 1997 was home to the Vikings.

Since then, no one has been born there, according to the website of the Historical Society of the City of Union, and it is still used as a museum.

While Stapleton emerged as a talented linebacker at Union High School, he took his first detour. After his first year at Union High School, his parents decided to move to East Hanover, New Jersey.

Music is that it has somehow instilled something musical in me as a brother and sister, and in nightclubs people want to hear the music of the day. I was always fighting with the drummers and bassists for the lead and calling out the songs, so I played with a lot of different bands, worked in a nightclub and played in clubs all over New Jersey and New York City.

I was born in the north, so I like the blues, And I would see myself in the Union Army, as opposed to the Southern Army. I will never forget when Mr. Winters came in and saw a boy in his Union War outfit who was just starting to play the Indian Wars, that was the funniest thing I ever saw.

It was recorded in an orchestrated arrangement with 30-40 performers, including a group of studio musicians called "Wrecking Crew." Hal Blaine was a drummer and became known as one of the most important members of the Wrecked Crew, while Glen Campbell also played acoustic guitar there. It was at Columbia Records, a very large studio that was built to house large orchestras and things like that. The brass band won the 1st place in their show "Rosie" and received a scholarship to compete against 13 other brass bands in the category.

The UHSPAC production of the 2013 Cat Musical was nominated for 14 Rising Star Awards and won three, including best musical, best actor and best actress in a musical. Union High School won five prizes at the New Jersey Music Awards for the 2013-2014 school year, and two prizes were taken home by her band, as well as a scholarship to Rutgers University.

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