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Valentine's Day may be known for romance between couples, but there are also some fun and festive events in New Jersey aimed at families.

Union County opens the summer season in early June, and if you're a serious cyclist, grab your helmet and head to the Lenape Park section of the Greenway. In the heart of Union County, just a few miles south of Newark, you can ride the famous horse trail and see some of the most scenic Union landscapes and forests. If that's not for you or you just want to spend a fun day with your family, you'll also have great views of New York City and the Hudson River. On Saturday, June 11, from 4 - 7 p.m., a barbecue will be held in Union Park in Union Township.

Move by car, bus, train or bicycle (see the ConneXions page for travel options) or by bike in Union County.

For a list of activities in Union County parks, visit ucnj.org / parks - activities, or visit the UNCNJ. Org Park activities for a list of all activities in Union County Parks. Use the search page for activities that are allowed on toboggan runs and green areas, and note that no winter activities are allowed as described. For a list of approved ski resorts, use the "Search activities" page with information on the number of ski resorts in the region and the type of ski and snowshoe areas available. Visit all parks and recreational facilities in Union County, including hiking trails, trails and parking systems.

For a list of activities in Union County parks, visit ucnj.org / parks - activities, or visit the UNCNJ. Org Park activities for a list of all activities and parking systems. To take the water, call the Department of Parks and Recreation at 908 - 527 - 4900 to apply for the required Union County Boat Permit and obtain a copy of the permit. Please visit or call 907 - 926 - 7500 for information on the boat permit application process. For a list of events at all parks and recreational facilities in the Union County area, contact the Recreation and Parks Office by phone or e-mail at 906-467-6200 or fax or e-mail if necessary.

Join the Master Gardeners or call the Union County Extension at 908-527-4900 to learn about joining the Garden Fair Information Club. Take one of the leading garden courses for two days and an hour at the Union Garden Center. For more information about the Sheriff's Youth Academy, visit Sheriff - Youth - Academy - ucnj.org or call the unioncounty.gov / sheriffs - youth - Academy or the Union County Sheriff's Office at (906) 5 27 - 4032.

To view the 52 great things to do online in Union County on the Green Connection page, visit ucnj.org or call 908-527-4900. For more information about parks and recreation, visit UcnJ.com / parks - recreation. To view the "Do 52 Great Things in Union County" link on the Green Connection page of the Garden Fair Information Club online, visit UNCNJ - org. Visit UCNJ-org for a list of all events at the Union Garden Center and Master Gardeners' Centre.

Do 52 great things in Union County, you can discover dozens of them by visiting ucnj.org / do-52-great-things. We also take a look at some comments people have left about the Garden Fair Information Association on the Green Connection page.

All-inclusive programs can be found at other Union County facilities, including the Union City Ice Arena, Union Center and Union Ice Park. Special programs such as ice skating, ice hockey, roller skating and snowshoeing are available for renting ice skating groups in all these facilities. All youth in the Union County can register in spring to play baseball in summer, as well as athletics, football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, golf and more.

Maurice River Bluffs offers many outdoor recreation opportunities, including five established hiking trails. Union County Parks offer a wide variety of winter activities, including snowshoeing, skiing, snowskating, ice skating, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

re in Union, take a look at our New Jersey attractions and have you visited the Big Apple? Head for New York City on the Hudson - Long Island Expressway or the Newark - Jersey Turnpike or take the Interstate.

There are 52 free and affordable things to do here, many of which are only in Union County. There are many restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and other attractions that you and your family can visit.

Sourland Mountain Preserve is located in Hillsborough Township and I think it's a wonderful place to hike in New York. It is located south of Union City, starting at the Duel Squares in Weehawken, south of Bayonne. It sounds like a great historic place, but it is actually right in the heart of the Gold Coast of New Jersey, which is part of Kittatinny Valley State Park. Ferries, buses and light rail are all within walking distance of this great historic place in Union County.

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